Municipalities across America are facing fiscal stress as a result of diminishing resources at the federal, state and local level. Changing national and state economies have created municipal budget shortfalls; and in many cities structural deficits. These growing pressures are forcing cities to redefine their core services. As a result, a growing number of fiscally progressive local governments are turning to private professionals to critically assess what each municipal asset contributes to general fund revenue, quality of life, community development, and new resident or business attraction. American Home Course Developers stands ready to provide your Municipal Budget and Parks & Recreation Director with an unbiased operational assessment of your public golf operations. We also welcome the opportunity to discuss private lease options, as well as contracted management and maintenance oversight designed to increase revenue and improve course quality, while reducing operational cost. If you’re interested in improving the performance of your golf operations assets please contact us today to arrange a consultation conference.


   We are unique among our competitors because of our commitment to economic development and urban
   community rejuvenation strategies which include excellent home course facilities and amenities; as well as
   construction of attractive leisure communities featuring luxury single family and condominium dwellings
    American Home Course Developers provides “fee for service management”, “shared income management” and a 
    “guaranteed minimum payment” management program. This range of program service options will provide your
   municipal administrators with the “worry-free”
operational freedom they need to focus on long-term development,
    diversification, or sale of the course.  For more information contact us today at (313) 802-1175.

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